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Our Products

Our Products

Venetian blinds are very useful. If you install Venetian blinds in your home, you will be able to control how much natural light you will let into your room. You can choose where to block the light also. We offer the following products for our customers. Come in store to consult one of our FleetingYouthRecords professional staff members, you have lots of options when it comes to blinds.

  Wood Venetian Blinds


We have various types of wood Venetian blinds like oak, cherry, maple, etc. They can be made to measure. Though a little costly, they can instantly provide a touch of elegance to your room.






  Aluminium Venetian Blinds


You can find different colors in this category. They are durable and need very little maintenance. They are versatile and can go with any room. They are more durable than wood Venetian blinds.





 PVC Venetian Blinds


These blinds are the cheapest. They are very durable and practical. You can get these blinds in different colors and are great for window coverings in any room. They are best for use in kitchens and bathrooms.





Mini Venetian Blind


The slats in this kind of blinds are narrower than the other ones. It can prevent more light from getting inside. You can fit them in your bedrooms and your child’s room.

You can either by the readymade blinds or the made-to-measure ones. If the ready made ones fit your windows then these are the best choice. You should ask a professional to inspect your home so that you know the exact size of the window blinds you need.